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TheThat RightA Landing Page?

Before creating a Landing Page, it is interesting to realize what is really and why it is so often used in online advertising campaigns. In Digital Marketing, a Landing Page is a page on your website created specifically for an advertising campaign. Essentially, it's the page where visitors are forwarded when they click on their advertising on Google or the different social networks.

A Landing Page, when it is well executed, can substantially increase your website's conversion rate. For this to happen, there are some features that this page should have. And most importantly, a Landing Page should have its very clear goal: the Call to Action (CTA). This tool will be the most important Landing Page aspect to highlight, since it will be through this CTA that your visitors will be converted into leads. The different parts of the Landing Page will try to give context, inform and convince visitors to use their CTA.

In the next sections of this article we will present the essential components of a successful Landing Page, as well as a good practice guide to follow when creating or improving a Landing Page for your business.

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Online Advertising and your Website: Homepage vs. Landing Page

We will take into account the investment needed to successfully run an online advertising campaign. Depending on the particularities of your business, the cost per lead can be high. Good online advertising management can bring excellent results, but the success of these campaigns will always be conditioned by your marketing strategy at the level of your website.

Over time, we observed that many customers took the initiative to invest in advertising. And many of them complained of results far below their expectations. It's not just about investing a lot of money, but investing that money strategically. After studying each case, we detected a recurring problem: traffic was being misdirected. And the pages for which this traffic was targeted often had a weak relation to the original message from the ads. This resulted in a high rate of rejection, or bounce rate, and in poor results considering the value invested.

Forwarding traffic to your Homepage can actually result in generating some leads. But why not use a more efficient tool? A page optimized to receive the forwarded visitors will bring better results. In the next section we will enumerate a set of principles to follow in building a Landing Page. If you follow these principles, you will realize that with a well-built page you will have a greater return on your investment. Since generating a huge number of leads to lower cost per lead, it can be a powerful tool.

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Conversion-oriented Design principles

There are many avenues that can be explored with regard to a Layout of a Landing Page and the elements that may exist in it, and these solutions depend on the particularities of your business and the nature of your website. For example, if your business involves selling a service or subscription, it will be more interesting to optimize the page for the purpose of generating leads using a data collection form of visitors. If you have an online store and created an online advertising campaign for certain products, the structure would be geared towards optimizing that sale.

In a certain way we can say that there is no universal model that can be implemented in all cases. But there are principles that should be applied in all cases regardless of your business.

We began to enumerate these principles:

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  • Context

    Above all, this principle aims to ensure that the potential client feels that it has done a "good click". This is accomplished by maintaining a contextual relationship between the content of the advertising campaign and the prominent text (the headline) of the Landing Page. If a potential customer clicks on a link that says something like "promotion in store X: 30% of technology products" and the headline of the page does not repeat the message or something with an obvious contextual relationship, many people will be able to leave your page in this step.

  • Focus

    It may seem obvious, but we must emphasize that it is important to think about the design of the page in order to keep the customer's attention focused on what is really important, the Call to Action. The information you can figure on your Landing Page will help convince undecided visitors, but it will be through the Call To Action that these visitors will be converted. Therefore, to have a successful page, this will be the centerpiece of your Landing Page.

  • Clarity

    Complementary texts must be clear, concise, simple. Do not dictate the strength of your message with large blocks of text. Considering the principle described above, keep in mind the purpose of your page. Additional information and testimonies may be important, but too much can create more unnecessary distractions. Elements such as a simple list citing the advantages of the product or service you are selling and an element of customer testimonials often bring good results.

  • Congruence

    With Call to Action as a centerpiece, all other elements must function in a congruent manner. If you are in doubt if a page element should be there, if you feel that this element does not add much to your proposal and fulfills an essentially aesthetic function, it is likely beneficial to remove that element. Simplicity works best on a Landing Page, and this is also true with regard to the number of links on your page. You want to direct your visitors to a specific purpose, have no great benefits in putting and eviding links to other points of your website.  This reduces the focus of your page and can make it significantly less efficient.

  • Credibility

    An essential principle in particular when dealing with undecided visitors. Choose testimonials and their most credible photos and avoid using stock photos. Your credibility is also measured by the choices you make in your message. If it promises the obvious impossible, many potential customers can get one foot behind. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of deceptive publicity. It will be advantageous if you do not exaggerate greatly in the benefits of your product or service, the message may seem more desperate than credible. Your message should inspire, convince and resolve the main doubts of your prospective customers.

  • Quid Pro Quo

    Considering that the purpose of a Landing Page can be to collect data from potential customers or to facilitate the sale of a product, think about what you can do to facilitate this process. A time-proven technique in numerous successful campaigns is to offer some consideration for the data that the potential customer provides you in the form of your CTA, or some advantage in purchasing the product or advertised products (discount coupon, etc.). Essentially, he's exchanging something for the client's information. A perfect example of this is found on various websites that sell audio track packs used in music production, almost all of them have free packs, which give a good demonstration of the quality of the service, which can be yours in exchange for your address Email.

  • Continuity

    Even if your online advertising campaign is finished, this does not mean that your Landing Page has ceased to bring results. Encouraging visitors to share the page on social networks can be a way to continue to generate trafficking. These strategies should continue to comply with the preceding principle, so that people will benefit from sharing on social networks or completing an action. At this stage it is also important to study the particularities of the traffic generated during the campaign to review any adjustments to the content if you subsequently want to re-create an online advertising campaign. This aspect can be seriously improved with good social network management.

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Anatomy of a Landing Page

 Leads capture

A possible and very functional model of a Landing Page optimized for capturing leads. Intuitive suggests that you preferably include the following elements:

  • Unique Selling Proposition/USP
    • A main Headline that matches the ad message the visitor clicked
    • A sub-headline to reinforce the initial message
    • A reaffirmation of the sales argument to keep the customer's potential attention and encourage it to continue on the page
    • A conclusion argument to ensure that the potential customer has their questions or doubts resolved and ensure the conversion
  • Hero Shot, an image or video presentation of the product that is inspiring
  • Benefits of your Offer
    • Summary of Benefits
    • More detailed explanation of the benefits
  • Testimonials: Social proof that your offer, product or service is exactly what the customer seeks
  • Purpose of conversion (Call to Action), with a form to collect data
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Lead capture model exemplified:
[/et_pb_text] [Et_pb_image src = "https://www.intuitiva.pt/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Landing-Page-Anatomia2.png" _ Builder_version = "3.21.1"] [/et_pb_image] [/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [Et_pb_row builder_version = "3.21.1"] [Et_pb_column type = "4_4" _ Builder_version = "3.21.1"] [Et_pb_text builder_version = "3.21.1"] Wistia's Landing Page, a video hosting service, is a good example of this well-executed model. Simple, elegant, effective: [/et_pb_text]
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Click-Through Model

Another very functional model, most frequently used in e-commerce. The difference from this model to the previous one is the absence of a data collection form from visitors. The concept is simple: present to the visitor the product, give him reasons to be interested and get him to press the Call to Action button so that the potential customer enter the sales funnel.

The integral aspects of this model are very similar to the lead capture model, with a significant difference: This model does not contain a data collection form. Ideally, nor does it contain another link beyond the Call to Action button, and all content should be focused on increasing the probability of the client performing that same action. A strategy widely used in this sense is to reduce the amount of content, in particular images, that are below the Call to Action button, to avoid having elements that distract the visitor's attention and focus only on the objective.

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Click-Through model exemplified:
[/et_pb_text] [Et_pb_image src = "https://www.intuitiva.pt/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Landing-Page-Anatomiaclickthrough.png" _ Builder_version = "3.21.1"] [/et_pb_image] [/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [Et_pb_row builder_version = "3.21.1"] [Et_pb_column type = "4_4" _ Builder_version = "3.21.1"] [Et_pb_text builder_version = "3.21.1"]

A very good example of this format is AirBnb. This platform has run high quality Landing Pages. Brand growth and recognition is a good proof of the success of your campaigns:

[/et_pb_text] [Et_pb_image src = "https://www.intuitiva.pt/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/AIRBNB-LP.png" _ Builder_version = "3.21.1"] [/et_pb_image] [/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section] [Et_pb_section fb_built = "1" _ Builder_version = "3.21.1"] [Et_pb_row builder_version = "3.21.1"] [Et_pb_column type = "4_4" _ Builder_version = "3.21.1"] [Et_pb_text builder_version = "3.21.1" Header_font = "| | | | | | | |" header_2_font = "Poppins | | | | | | | |" header_3_font = "Poppins | | | | | | | |" header_4_font = "Poppins | | | | | | | |" header_5_font = "Poppins | 600 | | | | | | |" header_5_font_size = "1.2 in"]

Why use a Landing Page on my website?

The reason is very simple: to improve your conversion rate and lower your cost per lead or per sale.

This is because Landing Pages focus on a single goal that matches the intent of the ad your visitors clicked to get to your page.

As we develop above, consider again the question of preferentially sending traffic to your homepage against the possibility of sending traffic to a page dedicated to optimizing conversions against the ad you paid. You will realize that your homepage has a much more generalist role and would not fulfill this function so well. It is loaded with less relevant information for the intent of the ad and contains too many links to other sections of your website that will not appoint your prospective customers in the direction promised in the ad.

[/et_pb_text] [Et_pb_image src = "https://www.intuitiva.pt/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/1.png" _ Builder_version = "3.21.1"] [/et_pb_image] [/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [Et_pb_row builder_version = "3.21.1"] [Et_pb_column type = "4_4" _ Builder_version = "3.21.1"] [Et_pb_text builder_version = "3.21.1" Header_font = "| | | | | | | |" header_2_font = "Poppins | | | | | | | |" header_3_font = "Poppins | | | | | | | |" locked = "Off"]

To conclude:

Following the data examples, it is easy to see that there are many variations of the same format. Choosing the right format for you is only the first step, structuring the information in a simple and concise way can be challenging. In other situations, it may be more advantageous (or even indispensable) to make longer texts.

Anyway, if you don't get the results you wanted, think about what you could change to improve the performance of your page. Don't be afraid to try it!

Instead of using a less efficient tool, intuitive offers you the right tool to get the best possible results from your advertising campaigns.

If you want to know how to get an ideal Landing Page for your business or Online advertising or social media management, intuitive is here to help you. Contact us!

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